1  Peter le Feber (piano) and Anne-Marie Volten (violin) play music by composers from the Statenkwartier

Van Bleiswijkstraat 10   more info (in Dutch)   performances only at 1, 2 and 3 pm

2  L’amour, joie de vivre et mélancolie: French chansons by Tineke van Geuns and Harald Boxtart

Van Hoornbeekstraat 17   more info (in Dutch)

3  Harpist Tessa Zufferey, violinist Maaike van Dijk and dancers from Het Danskwartier The Hague

Van Hoornbeekstraat 65a   more info (in Dutch)

4  Country & rock n' roll by Banty Holler

Vivienstraat 74   more info (in Dutch)

5  A musical journey through time with Mirjam Teepe (traverso) and Heleen Nijenhuis (piano)

Van Weede van Dijkveldstraat 103   more info (in Dutch)  Changed address

6  SingAlongSongs by MarieLou Doude, Boudewijn Zeijlmans and Arno Prins

Frankenstraat 10   more info (in Dutch)

7  Theatrical music program Comfortable by Patrick Wolthuis and Arianne Luik

Johan van Oldenbarneveltlaan 120   more info (in Dutch)

8  Presentation on Italian violin making by Ornella Ceci and violin music by Karin Ebels and friends

Prince Mauritsplein 19   more info

9  All kinds of duets and terzets by Karin, Evelien and Annette

Prins Mauritsplein 14   more info in Dutch)

10  Irish traditional Music and Song by Simply Green

Van Weede van Dijkveldstraat 93   more info (in Dutch)

11  Geoffrey Madge, piano: parts from Bach's Goldberg Variations and compositions by Schubert and Schumann

Van Beuningenstraat 77   more info (in Dutch)

12  The bands Quiet Colours & Banned in a joint program

Statenlaan 99   more info (in Dutch)  CANCELED

13  Dutch-American violinists play Bach, Pleyel or Stamitz and something local

Van Aerssenstraat 93   more info (in Dutch)

14  René Schwab & Ruth Schrader (RS2): songs and ballads, sweet-voiced vocals with acoustic guitars

Statenlaan 134   more info (in Dutch)  CANCELED

15  Piano quatre-mains by Janine de Leeuw and Karin Kuijper: works by Franz Schubert

Frankenslag 314   more info (in Dutch)

16  Mixed Feelings: melancholy songs with a cheerful undertone (and vice versa) by Bernard Bredero

Van Boetzelaerlaan 145   more info (in Dutch)

17  Crosby, Stills & Nash, the story and the music (Geert Vlietstra, Rob van Adrichem and Adrie Huissoon)

Willem de Zwijgerlaan 41a   more info (in Dutch)

18  Romanticism and the sea: compositions by Robert Schumann and Henriëtte Bosmans, among others

Antonie Duyckstraat 88   more info (in Dutch)

19  Salade de Fruits: a French duo, with a preference for the songs of their youth... from Gainsbourg to Zaz

Antonie Duyckstraat 66   more info (in Dutch)

20  Jazz music by Remco Hofman, piano  performances only at 1 and 2 pm

Adriaan Pauwstraat 41 A   more info (in Dutch)

21  YES! like Jazz? Aaron & Jasper van Dongen duo  performances only at 2, 3 and 4 pm

Adriaan Pauwstraat 46   more info (in Dutch)